Treated Pine Paling Fence

The unique and classic Australian fence that suits just about any home. 
A timber paling fence will last for years and they are relatively inexpensive to build. 
They add privacy to your home being 'lapped', which also makes them into a very handy wind break. 
The timber paling fence represents value for money, its a local product and the most eco-friendly.

Timber paling fences are the most common for new estate covenants and we work closely with the developers to ensure your new fence will comply to the requirements.

There are many heights that a timber paling fence can be constructed to, however the most common is a fence to a height of 1950 mm. 
If you were wanting a taller fence we can add privacy screening, however please be aware that some councils require building permits if the fence exceeds 2000 mm.

A variety of gates can be made to match your fence and the sizing of the gates can be custom.
At Four Seasons Fencing we go the extra mile and pre-treat ALL posts (our standard) so that they are termite and weather resistant, truly & simply to stand the test of time.

We have hardwood posts available that are rated H4 being resistant to decay.
In high wind areas we recommend that hardwood posts only be used due to the common treated pine weaknesses in these windy areas that exist over time.
We use only stainless steel screws on the rails as nails can often become loose over time especially in these high wind areas.

Unlike many other contractors we value your investment and do not want to risk causing damage or disruptions to essential services therefore we ALWAYS 'dial before you dig' on every job. 
We are also unlike many other fencing contractors insured against the unlikely event of accidental damages that may occur to your gas/electrical/water mains whilst we are constructing your fence.

As an added option and to be a little different we offer a stain or paint service to ensure that the fence fits into what you would like and the environment you want to create.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a fencing solution,so give us a call today and let us help you make the right choice.

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